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As we continued to grow and gain popularity, we not only noticed how much joy our burros and service brought to people, we noticed how many people expressed interest in the business. We began getting emails and phone calls from all over the nation from people who wanted to start their own beer burro business. But we also knew how challenging and somewhat overwhelming it was when we got started. And all the work that goes into owning and running a successful business. We figured why not make it easy for people to get started? And give them the opportunity to make people smile, make money, and enjoy what they do—while we do the difficult part? 

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Set up consultation so we can answer all your questions and see if we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us. We promise, it's a fun and streamlined process! 

Benefits of becoming a franchisee

  • Done-for-you marketing & advertising
  • Expertly managed social media
  • Direct communication with clients and wedding planners for you
  • Well-established website and SEO
  • Proven and recognized brand
  • 6+ years wedding & event experience
  • We’ll book your clients, while you show up and 'wow!' them!

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