texas' premier Miniature Beer Burros

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texas' premier Miniature Beer Burros

dallas-ft.worth | san antonio | tx hill country | Houston | Mississippi 

the cutest servers at your event


Whether you're getting married or planning a special event, one thing is certain:
You want your guests to have an unforgettable time. A party complete with great food, fabulous music, and beautiful flowers, of course.. But you want something more. You want to treat your guests to something special. You want your guests to think back on your day and smile. You know...those warm fuzzy feelings you get when you think back on something...  Yeah. Those! Those are the very kind of memories a sweet (and super cute) miniature donkey can help to create for you and your guests.

- Lexi {Bride}

"I mean cute miniature donkeys walking around with beer how could you not love that? They were very well trained, friendly, and just a joy to be around."


Like you, we love a good warm, fuzzy feeling. And nothing brings out those feel-good smiles like our sweet miniature donkeys. Not only are they incredibly cute, but they are gentle by nature and absolutely love people! They'll be sure that you and your guests have a drink in your hands, and an amazing, unforgettable experience. And with over 5 years in the wedding industry, and connections with some of the best venues, wedding planners and event professionals in the business, we bring our knowledge and professionalism to your event, ensuring superb service and 100% class. And our burros follow suit. Professionally trained and always well-groomed, they are sure to make a good impression on you, and your guests.

texas' premier beverage serving miniature donkeys

serving you well

Whether you’re throwing a chic, black tie event or a laid back, rustic soirée our number one goal is to serve you well. 
And here's how we'll begin: 

01 | Share your vision with us.

Let’s start things off with a brief phone call to discuss your needs and your overall vision for our services at your event. Are you imagining the burros at your rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, reception, or perhaps a surprise for your guests as they arrive? Share your vision with us, and let’s get creative. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and help you come up with a really special way to incorporate us into your day. 
02 | It’s all in the details.
Your inbox is already overflowing with all things wedding related. So, we promise not to overwhelm you with even more. In fact we want to be one less thing you have to worry or think about. Our contract includes a questionnaire requesting all of the pertinent details and points of contact. From there, we’ll personally contact your planner, photographer, and venue, to work through all of the important details (with your stamp of approval, of course.)

03 | Enjoy! 

On the day of your wedding or event, we’ll arrive one hour before our scheduled start time to set up and prepare the burros. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy. {And smile. There will be lots of smiles.}

Seeing Is Believing

Sure, we hear it all the time: 
‘Wait, you do WHAT? ‘
‘Never heard of ‘em?’ 

Yep. It’s a pretty unique idea. And, it’s pretty darn special too. 
We can TELL you why all day long. 
But once you SEE these sweet boys in action, you’ll totally understand. 
You’re always welcome to come visit us at the farm
But in the meantime. Check ‘em out. 

- Mary Kay {Mother of the Bride}

"Sammy and Frank with Big City Farm were absolutely adorable. They did a great job of setting the tone of excitement and anticipation as our wedding guests arrived. Such a fun and creative way to add an unexpected, unique touch to your BIG day creating lasting memories and great photos!"

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