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Jean Kelly or “Mr. Kelly”

Meet Jean Kelly or "Mr. Kelly" who is available in our Dallas Fort Worth market, and ready to bring a cold one to your wedding or event guests. 


Frank Sinatra

Frank is our handsome, gray and black mini. He has a sweet, kind-natured and very calm personality. He loves neck scratches and affection. Frank is an excellent addition to our family, and will make an excellent addition to your special occasion!

Tony Bennett or “Bennett” 

Tony Bennett or "Bennett" is our white burro who is ready to be apart of your big day. If your wedding or event is in the DFW area, check to see if Tony is available for bringing some cold ones to your guests! 

Fred Astaire or “Fred”

Fred is our handsome, brown mini. Request to have this cutie at your wedding or event in the DFW area!

Harry Connick Junior and Louis Armstrong or "Harry and Louis" are ready for your wedding or event in the Austin and San Antonio market!

Austin and San Antonio market 

Harry Connick Junior and Louis Armstrong “Harry and Louis” 

Coming soon Houston and surrounding areas

- Tyler {Groom}

 "I’m so glad they will be in our wedding album for years to come."

Lauren is a city girl, and Micheal has a heart for country living. Our crazy, love story brought us together. And then brought us out to the country. And what an adventure it’s been! We have loved creating an amazing home for our family in charming Farmersville, TX. Which includes… 5 little boys {yep, you read that right}, multiple chickens and ducks, 1 pet piglet and now.… our sweet miniature donkeys. Big City Farm was born out of Lauren’s experience in and passion for weddings and events and Micheal’s love for animals and the outdoors. With our combined enthusiasm, work ethic, love for each other and our family, an exciting family business was created. And, we are honored & thrilled to share it with all of you!

We’re Lauren + micheal.
Owners of Big City Farm



Miniature donkeys are native to the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and have been extensively bred with each other to produce a distinctively American breed of donkeys: the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey. Learn More About Miniature Donkeys Here


Social Structure

The mini donkey is defined by size, which varies from 26 inches to 36 inches at the withers (the ridge between the shoulder blades). Frank and Sammy are 34”. Great things come in small packages! 

Minis have very docile personalities and form close attachments to their owners and other donkeys. They’re laid back and wonderful with kids. (our boys sure do LOVE them!) And because they are herd animals, they don't like being alone. Frank and Sammy are inseparable and work every event together.


Extremely intelligent and easily trained, they’re very tame and gentle. By nature they are one of the friendliest and most affectionate animals of their type, and they love their owners- always seeking their attention. Frank and Sammy do this with sweet, friendly nudges and gentle brays!

Stubborn?...Hmmm….We Like To Call It Cautious

Mini Donkeys have earned a reputation for being stubborn but the truth is, they are observant and cautious animals, who won't do anything that appears threatening to them. When startled by something, their natural instinct is to freeze and look to see what the threat is. They feel safe with and trust their owners. And they interact well with other animals. In fact, they are often used as companions for weaned foals and nervous, injured or recovering animals. So sweet!

- Sarah Blaze Photography

“10/10 recommend beer burros at your wedding.”

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